Short film/music video
featuring music by Retro Modern Analog. IMDb

Years of an uncontrolled temper, outburst of passion, and agitation so violent that they temporarily deprive her of reason, come together in a visual and audio conclusion. IMDb

A Japanese cinematographer travels with her equipment to New Zealand's University of Canterbury Mount John Observatory to capture the view from one of the top most clear stargazing locations on planet earth. Narrated in poem form. IMDb

A poetic international collaboration on the privacy and security of walls. Directed in Canada, written in England, cinematography in Hong Kong, music in Russia, narrated in USA, and subtitles in German. IMDb

Combining the use of a Soviet microscope and an experimental violinist to tell the story of an unseen ecosystem. IMDb

A permaculture family living on the small island of Æro in Denmark. The completed film is now showing looped on TV screens in 17 ferries in Denmark year around. IMDb

Human rights attorney Maria Acosta positioned herself on the forefront of a controversial case that brought undeveloped land on Nicaragua's coast into the international spotlight. Soon after, her husband was murdered in what seemed to be a hired hit. The Living Documents examines the events that set the stage for the murder. IMDb

Commissioned experiment in pushing the abilities of an editor in creating a visually stunning narrative from a video shoot that used an abstract script and the lowest quality video cameras. Shown exclusively in LA art galleries during 2005. IMDb

Three very different sisters, living together, deal with the birthday of their deceased abusive father. IMDb

An elderly man is abandoned by his son. IMDb

A person returning from work, while taking a series of different buses to get home, drifts in and out of the present moment, and finally has an emotional confrontation with another passenger. IMDb

A young couple meet up for an unexciting hook up, but the young woman gets pregnant from the event, so the couple stay together until the child grows up and moves out. IMDb

A televisions point of view of a young man buying his own home, moving in, and watching television until he grows old and dies. IMDb

We follow the monotonous days of an office worker, daydreaming of his planed vacation, waiting for his vacation days to build up, but then his waiting is suddenly put to a tragic end. IMDb

From afternoon into evening, we are brought from the outside nature to the inside nature. IMDb

Depression takes hold of a man after the death of a loved one. IMDb

Decisions made after an alcohol induced car accident cause fits of paranoia and regret. IMDb

Young love and an unfortunate sweater are put to the ultimate test when a first date goes hilariously wrong. IMDb

A decision is made that could affect everyone. IMDb

A routine handoff goes wrong, mistaken blame, a power struggle ensues, a man dies, another runs for his life. IMDb

The Yell (1998)
A test on what a human can endure. IMDb

Shoes (1998)